Eliminate Costs and Focus on Core Strengths

Significantly reduce your operating costs and technical overhead so you can simply concentrate on your core strengths.

Web based applications allow your business to eliminate servers formerly dedicated to supporting and distributing locally-based applications, along with many of the issues associated with these servers like overhead, server licenses, software, etc.

What is a Virtual System?

It is an application hosted on remote servers that are maintained 24/7 at a modern data center, in our U.S.-based company. The facility, servers and Web applications are designed to be secure and failure resistant.

Data is backed up daily, and may be directed to one or more storage solutions. Servers are updated as technology advances, at no charge to you and likely without you even noticing a change.

Cost of NOT hosting
bulletpoint  Calculate the cost of a server powerful enough to support a SQL Server database, and web server activity.
bulletpoint  Add in the cost of failover equipment, UPS, etc..
bulletpoint  Add the cost of SQL Server, licenses, and management.
bulletpoint  Add the cost of the base operating system for the server, and share licenses.
bulletpoint  Add the cost of Anti-Virus and other protection items.
bulletpoint  Add the cost for human services to configure, and maintain the server.
* When there are more than 50 concurrent users additional hosting resources may be required.