Protecting your remotely hosted web solutions

Data Security is a top concern for everyone. From email to simply browsing the WWW there are security issues. We address security from many levels, however here are a few key elements regarding our approach.

One of the reasons we remote host our applications is because of the specialization of equipment and experienced people dedicated to securing the remote environment, all under one roof. It is a tightly controlled and secure environment, specifically designed to deliver software as a service.

Our Web applications apply best practices in software development and architecture, that specifically address the security of your Web site and Web applications. Practices like dedicated servers, data isolation, access restrictions and SSL certificates with HttpS, add layers of protection for both the remote hosting network and your applications. Whether the operating system is Windows or Linux, we also apply local layers of protection. We simply do not take chances with your systems.

Our unique mixture of Windows and Linux, along with layers of network security represent a strong barrier. At every level, Paradigm Software Group works to address your company's ability to prosper and operate more efficiently.

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