Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Successful Organic Site Ranking

The WWW is a common tool around the globe.

The Web represents 24/7 and year-round marketing. Your local pizza place has a Web site, and so does your competition. In fact, your potential buyers, and even your competition may be an ocean away. How your company presents its abilities to service its customers may be the difference in capturing business or not. Media services, beyond static images, convey a lot, and if your business is not embracing current marketing services - you may go out of business.

Being Found on the WWW through a search is an achievement as well as an opportunity. For examples, please visit: and These are well ranked sites due to technical ("bot" friendly) architecture. Their message is direct, and the sites are fast and easily navigated.

Your site needs to both appeal to search engines (bots) and buyers researching potential vendors by clearly describing what your company offers. Other facts that elaborate on the those elements can appear elsewhere, and if visitors are interested, they will navigate to that information; but the point is that your product and concept has reached an interested party. After that, the intuitive navigation supports your cause even more.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic process consisting of architecture, words and much more. More importantly, even if ranked, your site may NOT elicit interest depending on how your information is presented. Slow navigation, a cluttered presentation, or not being precise, may have a negative effect on a potential buyer.

There are simple expectations that a company must meet to effectively convey who they are, to both existing and potential customers. For existing customers, the site must also be a functional tool and meet their sense of security in dealing with you electronically.

This not a "How to SEO Provider guide." It is more of an introduction into the mechanics of achieving organic / ethical visibility on the WWW. Keep in mind there are very few, if any, magic bullets. Many things must be done well to achieve both search visibility, and to encourage the potential customer to contact you. Once they do, there is a high probability of securing the deal since the party is clearly interested. Also, the statistics regarding traffic patterns should be reviewed against contacts and sales, since they are near real-time.

SEO / Digital visibility Benefits
    bulletpoint  Maximize your company's Web visiblity.
    bulletpoint  Increase your Marketing with a 24/7 base.
    bulletpoint  Improve your image to potential and existing customers.
    bulletpoint  Improve your service / products presentation.
    bulletpoint  Generate enough interest for a potential buyer to contact you.
    bulletpoint  When a potential customer contacts you through the Web, they already have a clear interest in your product.
    bulletpoint  Efficiently define your business to appeal to a potentially global buyer.
    bulletpoint  Make your company unique, even in niche markets, by appealing to the rapid research needs of today's buyers.