Use our expertise to make you the expert in your industry

Paradigm Software Group provides you with an experienced, dedicated and courteous team.

We listen to your specific business needs, and use a variety of tools and methods to provide you with the most efficient customized solutions.

We have many years of collective experience with C# (C-Sharp) .NET and AJAX (client-side performance enhancement) which is supported on the Microsoft platform as well as the Linux platform via "Mono". We also have experience in Java, C, and Visual Basic and were early adopters of Software as a Service via the web.

Computer technology has progressed from the early client server model, to present day Virtual Machines that provide a powerful architecture for server consolidation in a remote web hosting environment. This is the most logical and cost-effective solution for the majority of businesses.

Why is remote hosting the most logical choice?

Because remote hosting significantly reduces the cost of doing business and allows a business to focus on its core strengths. The server is not physicall located at your company. Rather, it is hosted remotely, allowing your business to become more efficient and reduce overhead costs.

In Summary:
Paradigm Software Group applies the best technical practices to provide consistent results for our customers. We work within a wide range of industries, and successfully foster long-term relationships with leading companies in these industries.

Some of the industries with which we work:
    bulletpoint  Fulfillment Centers
    bulletpoint  Banking - Merchant support services
    bulletpoint  Manufacturing - MRP, SPC, CRM, ERP
    bulletpoint  Commodity Service suppliers - Account management, Contract and document recall
    bulletpoint  Health Insurance
    bulletpoint  Legal Firms - Records management of all kinds
    bulletpoint  Commercial Communications Equipment Manufacturing